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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Surprising Find...

Sarah Jane Padgett Fuller Calhoun was my great great grandmother. She was first married to my great great grandfather, Alexander Fuller, and together they had two children.  Alexander died in the Civil War.  Sarah next married William Calhoun who also served in the Civil War.  They had several more children together.  In searching for a picture of Sarah Jane, I first made the acquaintance of a distant cousin who shared a picture of her in her older years.  I also received a copy of a picture from my aunt that I shared in a previous blog of two grandmothers and a great grandmother collectively looking at a new baby.  I was happy to have copies of these pictures because my immediate family did not have any pictures of her....or so we thought.

This year my husband and I became grandparents...and so I was going thru old boxes looking for my baby book.  We wanted to compare my baby picture to my new granddaughter's picture.  I found the old box with my book in it and as I was going thru it a picture fell out from between the pages.
I picked up the picture and it was the picture of a woman that I thought I recognized.  On the back of the picture it was labeled as "Grandmother Calhoun".   I have no idea how it got there.  I have gone thru my baby book many times over the years and have never seen the picture before.  What a wonderful surprise!!!

               *Picture of Sarah Jane Padgett Fuller Calhoun from the collection of Debra Waggoner
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